Maintaining Your Bike

Maintaining your bike

You need to maintain your bike to get the most benefit out of it. A properly maintained bike makes riding a better and safer experience.

When cleaning your chain or lubricating any part of your bike, ensure lubricant doesn't get on your rims -it could prevent the brakes from working and might lead to a crash. Use fixed-size spanners rather than a shifter to avoid burring the edges of the nuts. If you are straightening a warped wheel, use the correct size spoke tool for adjusting the spokes because the metal is soft and damages easily.

Don't over-tighten-most parts need to be tight but not overly-tight. For your chain, use a specialised chain lubricant, not household or motor oils, which get sticky, attract sand, and wear out the chain. For daily, weekly and monthly maintenance requirements, print out the maintenance checklist and keep it near your bike to remind you of maintenance and safety checks.

Download maintenance_checklist.pdf Download a maintenance checklist here (638KB)