Exhibition of Proposed changes to the Wagga Wagga LEP 2010

(Deferred Area 1 to Wagga Wagga LEP 2010)

Land Description: Wagga Wagga Local Government Area

Aim: To exhibit the following documents for public comment:

  1. Extent of the RU6 Transition Zone and the R5 Large Lot Residential Zone as described as Amended Zoning Map – ‘Proposed Zoning Cartwrights Hill on Attachment 3,
  2. Proposed Minimum Lot Size of 8Ha for the R5 Large Lot Residential Zoned land
  3. Reaffirm the distribution of other zones for Deferred Area 1.
  4. Associated mapping information, meeting records and other relevant documents

Exhibition Period: 18 February 2013 to 18 March 2013 (inclusive)

Inspection Venue: The Planning Proposal and all the other exhibition material is available for inspection at Wagga Wagga Civic Centre, Cnr Baylis and Morrow Streets, Wagga Wagga during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (public holidays excluded) or can be accessed below.

Submission Procedure: Any interested person or organisation wishing to make a written submission in relation to the Planning Proposal should do so prior to the close of the exhibition period. Submissions may be delivered to the Council Chambers or mailed to The General Manager, Wagga Wagga City Council, PO Box 20, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 or emailed to council@wagga.nsw.gov.au


Exhibition Material

NOTE: The material contained in this folder identifies the changes to the extent of zones and minimum lot sizes for the Cartwrights Hill “Deferred Area”, from those previously exhibited. The changes have resulted from further investigation of the odour and acoustic impacts of local industrial activity on residential development on Cartwrights Hill.

The changes are:

  • A significant extension of the RU6 Transition zone, which is extended south as far as Old Bomen Road
  • A corresponding reduction in the area of proposed R5 Large Lot Residential zoned land – including removal of portion of land previously proposed to be zoned R5, east of East Street, with a corresponding increase of proposed RU1 Primary Production, over that land.
  • An increased Minimum Lot Size of 8ha over the proposed R5 zoned land
  • Incorporation of an RE1 Public Recreation zone over the thin sliver of land on the western edge of Cartwrights Hill abutting the Olympic Highway, currently sub-zoned for that purpose and
  • Adjustment of the zoning edges to certain private lots on the western edge of Cartwrights Hill

Previously Exhibited Position 

1. Zoning Map – ‘ Endorsed Position Cartwrights Hill’

2. Minimum Lot Size Map – ‘Endorsed Position Cartwrights Hill’

Recommended Changes

3. Amended Zoning Map – ‘Proposed Zoning Cartwrights Hill’

4. Amended Minimum Lot Size Map – ‘Proposed Lot Size Cartwrights Hill’

Documents Relating to the Planning Proposal

5. Site Identification Map – ‘Site ID Map’

6. Zoning Map WWLEP 1985 – ‘WWLEP1985’

7. Current sub-zones – ‘DCP 2005’

8. Public Hearing Cartwrights Hill Rezoning 22102009

9. Report to Wagga Wagga Interim Joint Planning Panel – ‘WWIJPP_Report’

10. Request for Gateway extension – ‘Letter to DG – Request for Gateway extension 20120713’

11. Gateway extension approval – ‘Gateway Extension 20120928’

12. Statement of Consistency with Section 117 directions - 'Statement of COnsistency with Section 117 directions' - For Note Only. Previously Exhibited

13. Additional Information Report – ‘WWLEP 2010 Deferred Areas – Prepared for June 2012 SJRPP Meeting

14. Previous DECCW Submission Letters – ‘DECC submission 201001001’ & Previous DECCW Submission Letters - 'DECC Submission 20110221'

15. Previous Bomen Odour Studies – ‘Bomen odour modelling_Draft2008’ & Previous Bomen Odour Studies - 'Bomen_Wagga_131009'

16. Updated Bomen Odour Study – ‘Draft Bomen Buffer Zone Odour Impact Assessment 121108’

17. Noise Impact Assessment Bomen Industrial Sewage Treatment Facility - 'Acoustic Report'

18. Record of Decision of SRJPP Meeting held 8 February 2013 - 'Final record of Decision - SJRPP Meeting - 8 February 2013'