What will the variation fund?

What will the variation fund?

Maintenance levels - Roads

The primary target of any increased income is the maintenance of Wagga Wagga's roads, with more than $1.2 million of the additional $1.5 million raised annually by the proposed rate variation being put to work each year on improving rural and urban roads.

Nearly $13 million more will be invested into roads over the life of the proposal.

Maintenance levels - Sportsgrounds

$200,000 per year extra funding in the proposal would allow for Increased maintenance and allowance for facilities at sporting grounds such lighting and amenities.

This would include two to three renovations of sporting change rooms and toilet facilities each year - something that is not currently possible.

Maintenance levels - Parks

$200,000 per year extra would be focused towards increasing the ongoing level and frequency of maintenance at all parks and gardens.
Council currently operates at peak capacity during annual growth periods which means a five week rotation to mow each of the 350 areas throughout Wagga Wagga. Additional funding would allow three more mowing events to take place during key growth phases.

New works

Although the major focus for any additional money generated from the rate variation is improving maintenance of existing assets and community facilities, the proposal also recognised critical new projects for the City for the near future.

Infrastructure for City growth:

  • Red Hill Road Extension
  • Glenfield Road Overpass expansion
  • Bomen Overpass
  • Replacement of four timber bridges

Community facilities:

  • Premier multi-use outdoor sports facility
  • Increased cycleways and footpaths
  • New change rooms at sporting grounds

In recognition of community feedback, provision has been made for a major new community facility. The decision on the type of facility - conference centre, visitor's information centre, indoor sports complex - would be made in conjunction with the community.