Report a Problem

We encourage residents to report problems they encounter to assist us in maintaining our city. Listed below are the issues that you can report on. If your request type is unavailable from the list below, submit a General Enquiry form or Chat with one of our Customer Service Officers.

When reporting the issue please include as much detail as possible so we can correctly locate the incident and arrange for the appropriate follow up.


Report A Problem - Animals

For problems relating to barking dogs, roaming animals, swooping birds, livestock etc.

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Parks, Reserves and Recreational Services

Parks - Report a Problem

For problems relating to parks, reserves, sportsgrounds and playgrounds.

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Street Trees

Trees - Report it

For problems relating to tree pruning, tree removal, fallen branches, tree health, vandalism etc.

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Kerbside Waste

Waste - Report it

For problems relating to a missed bin service, damaged bin or an additional bin.

Report it 
Roads, Footpaths and Drains

Pothole - Report it

For problems relating to potholes, road repair, culverts, footpaths etc.

Report it 
Environment and Pollution

Environment and Pollution - Report it

For problems relating to air pollution, noise pollution, noxious weeds and odour.

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Vandalism and Rubbish

Graffiti - Report it

For problems relating to graffiti, vandalism, dumped rubbish, abandoned shopping trolleys etc.

Report it 
General Enquiries

Customer Service - Submit a Request

For request types not available from the list above or general non property related enquiries, use our Contact Us form.

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