Meet Charlie

Charlie is Council's innovative approach to engage, educate and help the community, and will be travelling around the region to villages, events and more.
The truck is a unique opportunity for Council to utilise a space outside of the Civic Centre and proactively educate, inform, engage and meet face-to-face with residents.

Charlie stands for:

Keep your eyes peeled for him (you can't miss his bright yellow exterior!) and pop in for a visit and to find out how Charlie can help you.

While you're there you can:

  • Get an update on Council projects
  • Ask a question
  • Provide feedback
  • Lodge a request
  • Access Council’s online services

If you have an idea for how Charlie can be utilised let us know! Put it on the People's Panel forum or email

Where can I find Charlie?

Click on the drop pins to find out when and why Charlie will be visiting that location, or check out the schedule below.

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The next round of Charlie visits are scheduled to occur in October and November.

Where has Charlie visited?

Click on the drop pins to find out where Charlie has visited.

Community partners

Council would like to thank the following sponsors for their contribution to Charlie:

Charlie's transformation

A former Riverina Regional Library truck, Charlie has been transformed inside and out and now has a customer counter, dedicated work/desk spaces, air conditioning, whiteboard, smart television and even a kitchen sink.One of the unique features of Charlie is a 19-foot expandable pod, meaning there's plenty of space inside.Watch the video below to see Charlie's transformation.