Level 7: Senior Swim and Survive

The Swim and Survive Program

1. Demonstrate an entry technique selected by the examiner.

2. Demonstrate an efficient eggbeater kick without use of arms.

3. Swim 300 metres continuously using correct techniques: 
    a. 100 metres freestyle 
    b. 50 metres backstroke 
    c. 50 metres breaststroke 
    d. 50 metres sidestroke and 
    e. 50 metres survival backstroke.

4. Dressed in swimwear, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, jumper, shoes and socks, perform the following continuous sequence: 
    a. Dive and swim a distance underwater to simulate an escape from a sinking boat surrounded by oil 
    b. Swim a further 40 metres freestyle as if escaping from a dangerous situation 
    c. Remove shoes while treading water and then swim slowly 50 metres breaststroke 
    d. Float, survival scull or tread water for 5 minutes and wave one arm occasionally as if signalling for help; reassure any nearby candidates by talking to them 
    e. Swim slowly for 200 metres using survival strokes, changing strokes every 50 metres 
    f. Remove clothing in deep water.

5. Fit a PFD correctly while treading water, swim 100 metres using survival strokes, demonstrate HELP technique and climb out of the water whilst wearing the PFD.

6. Perform a throw rescue using a weighted rope over a distance of 10 metres within a time limit of 1 minute.

7. Wade to a partner and pull them to safety using a towel or item of clothing as an aid.

8. Answer questions on water safety and personal survival techniques indicating a thorough knowledge of basic concepts.

Extension:Swim butterfly for 25 metres using an efficient stroke and correct breathing technique.


Safe Boating: Always wear a lifejacket when boating and be well prepared before heading out.
Be Cool: Be cool but not a fool around water. Accidents happen when people ignore rules.