Wagga Waggafest


Wagga Waggafest is a short film competition encouraging the community and visitors alike to share their unique Wagga Wagga stories using the medium of film. The competition aims to celebrate and promote Wagga Wagga as a great place to live, work and play. Those who entered Waggafest this year are eligible to win from a prize pool worth $6000! 

Click here to book your ticket to the Special Awards Screening Night at 7pm on Wednesday 15 October at the Civic Theatre and see the best stories unfold.

This year's entries are judged by local creative powerhouses:
Lex Marinos - star of TV's The Slap and Backyard Ashes
Peter Casey - ABC Riverina presenter, director and performer
Peter Cox - director, writer and producer 

The 2014 Competition Theme

The Wagga Winter BubbleThis is Wagga Wagga's Winter bubble (click the image for a bigger version). It's a celebration of some of the things we love about winter: the bracing cold and the snuggly warmth, the roar of winter sports, campfires under clear skies and the beauty of fog and frost. For some of us, there are things to loathe about winter, too: scraping ice from our car windscreens in the morning, cleaning muddy bootprints out of the carpet and conjuring the motivation to emerge from under the doona for our morning run.

At least one of these words, sounds, images or feelings will feature in each entry.