Wagga Waggafest

Wagga Waggafest 2014

Wagga Waggafest is a short film competition encouraging the community and visitors alike to share their unique Wagga Wagga stories using the medium of film. The competition aims to celebrate and promote Wagga Wagga as a great place to live, work and play. Enter Waggafest and be eligible to win from a prize pool worth $6000! 

How to Win

Submit a 2 to 4 minute long film that tells a unique Wagga story. To be eligible for prizes your film must evoke this year’s wintery theme, and have the Waggafest slide at the end. Entries close midnight on Monday 15th September, 2014.

Put October 15th in your diary now - that's when the Waggafest gala screening will take place. We'll have info on how to get a ticket soon!

What do we mean by a 'Unique Wagga Story'?

It doesn’t need to be set or filmed in Wagga necessarily, but we ask our judges to rate the “Wagganess” of the film. Some entries have capitalised on unique landmarks and places, others have referenced key elements of Wagga Wagga’s history (like the visit from the Queen) and culture (our obsession with sporting heroes). Be creative and show us your take on Wagga Wagga.

This Year’s Theme

The Wagga Winter BubbleThis is Wagga Wagga’s Winter bubble (click the image for a bigger version). It’s a celebration of some of the things we love about winter: the bracing cold and the snuggly warmth, the roar of winter sports, campfires under clear skies and the beauty of fog and frost. For some of us, there are things to loathe about winter, too: scraping ice from our car windscreens in the morning, cleaning muddy bootprints out of the carpet and conjuring the motivation to emerge from under the doona for our morning run.

We want to see at least one of these words, sounds, images or feelings in your film.

Show us your vision of winter in Wagga- it might be the locations you pick, the costumes you use, or your film’s sounds and music. You don’t need to give us a literal run through of every part of the Winter Bubble (there are no rewards for overdoing it) but give your film a sense of winter in Wagga and you’ll be eligible to win a prize.

On your entry form you must tell us how the Winter Bubble has inspired you to make your film. This is how we'll know youe made your film for Waggafest.

The Waggafest Slide

At the very end of your film, you must insert this Waggafest slide for a duration of at least 3 seconds. In most video editing software, you can simply drop the .jpg into the editing timeline.

The Waggafest Slide  Right click and 'save as' belowto download the Waggafest Slide in the following formats:

Widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio)

Standard (4:3 aspect ratio)

How to Enter

There are two basic steps to entry. We need you to upload your video to Vimeo and add it to the Wagga Waggafest group. Then we need you to fill in and send us your Entry Form and (if applicable) Talent Release Forms. 

Getting your film on Vimeo

1. You need to create your own (free) account at www.vimeo.com. Once you're logged in, go to www.vimeo.com/groups/waggafest and click "Join this group."

2. Upload your entry to Vimeo.

3. During the upload process, click the "Add to" tab, and click the Wagga Waggafest button.

4. Download the Entry Form and Talent Release Form below. You must send one Entry Form for each film you enter. Talent Release Forms need to be signed by all performers (eg actors, musicians, composers) who appear or whose work is used in your film and submitted with your entry form. Submission options are written on the forms.


Entry Form

Download an Entry Form PDF, 157.66 KB, fill it out and send it in (instructions on the form) 

Talent Release Form

If your film features any talent (eg. actors, voiceovers or the work of musicians or artists), you download and get them to sign a Talent Release Form PDF, 153.99 KB. These get sent in with your entry form. 

Competition Terms and Conditions

All the nitty gritty stuff about the Waggafest competition is located in the Waggafest Terms and Conditions PDF, 148.98 KB.