Air Quality

We obviously want the air we breathe to be of the highest quality.  Wagga Wagga can on occasion be subjected to poor air quality as a result of natural phenomena such as dust storms and bushfires.  

However, air quality can also be impacted by activities within the urban environment and we all have a role in decreasing the pollution we emit into the atmosphere. 

Active Transport 

We all know we should lead more active lifestyles but sometimes in can be a bit hard to fit it all in to a day.  Active transport is the means of reaching a destination by using physical exercise such as walking, riding a bike or scooter, roller blading or skate boarding.  Finding these small opportunities, such as walking to the shops rather than taking the car can have a significant impact on our local air quality and our health.

There are many benefits to participating in active transport including:

  • reduced fuel and car running costs
  • improved fitness
  • reduced stress - as you get more fresh air and less time battling for a car park!

It is not practical to use active transport for all our errands - there are only so many groceries you can carry on a bike!  Look for the small opportunities to start with and see how far your enthusiasm will take you. 

Environmental Driving 

Environmental Driving, or Enviro Driving, aims to get the best out of your car and fuel consumption by simple driving techniques and basic car maintenance.  By using Enviro Driving techniques you can reduce fuel costs by up to 30%.

Try these tips:

  • Ensure you regularly service your vehicle so that its running at its best.
  • Check tyre pressure regularly.
  • Drive at a steady speed.
  • Remove heavy items from the boot when they are not required.
Emissions from solid fuel heaters

Excessive smoke from wood fueled heaters is another source of air pollution that the Council actively monitors.   Smoky chimney surveys are conducted over the cooler months.  Households deemed to be emitting excessive smoke are provided with information on operational techniques to reduce the woodsmoke emissions.

Learn more about reducing smoke from chimneys and how to build an efficient fire through the documents below:

Hot Tips 

Chimney Checker 

Reduce our Energy Consumption

You may not live near a power station and see the pollution created by the generation of electricity but the energy we use each day causes pollution somewhere.  If we reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources such as coal and gas we will reduce the pressure on these finite resources as well as reduce pollution. 

Find out how you can save energy in your home here

For further information on air quality please see the Office of Environment and Heritage website.