Public Art Advisory Panel Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest are sought from interested residents to serve on Wagga Wagga City Council's Public Art Advisory Panel due to a recent vacancy.

Applications are invited, and will be received up to 5pm, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 from interested residents of the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area to serve on the above Public Art Advisory Panel.

Application Forms are also available from the Customer Service Centre, cnr Baylis and Morrow Streets, Wagga Wagga during business hours. Application forms can be completed online; posted to PO Box 20, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 or emailed to

Further details are available by contacting or on 1300 292 442.

Terms of Reference


The name of the Panel shall be the Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP).


City of Wagga Wagga’s Public Art Panel was established in 2008 with the formation of the initial Public Art Policy.


City of Wagga Wagga has established a Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP) composed of stakeholder representatives to guide the commissioning of public art and management of the Public Art Collection in line with the Public Art Policy POL 109 and the current Public Art Plan, WaggaWorks: Our City’s Creative Expression.

The PAAP’s role is to provide expert advice and contribute to public art project management from commission to the completion and public launch of artworks within the commissioning guidelines. The PAAP has the following tasks:

  • Provide expert cultural, artistic and design advice
  • Appraise and make recommendations for the selection of appropriate artists and proposals
  • Oversee the commissioning and procurement processes for artworks
  • Report back to Council for endorsement of the recommendations prior to the commissioning of the artwork


The PAAP has no power or authority, whether by delegation, agency or otherwise to exercise any function, right, duty or power of the City of Wagga Wagga, whether under a statute or other law, as a landowner or in any other capacity.


The PAAP consists of seven members and should include the following representatives:

  • 1 x Councillor
  • 1 x Cultural Officer
  • 1 x City of Wagga Wagga Project Management Officer
  • 1 x Manager, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
  • 1 x Industry representative
  • 2 x Community representatives (with relevant arts background)

Where appropriate, key advisors (internal/external) with specialist expertise will be temporarily co-opted to the panel to assist in decision making.

Should any of these positions/roles accept the opportunity to become PAAP members, they will have full voting rights.

The PAAP will be responsible for annually selecting a person to act as Chair and Deputy Chair of the meeting and will nominate any other positions that are seen to be relevant to the activities and purpose of the PAAP.

If any member is absent from three consecutive meetings without having obtained a leave of absence from the PAAP, the member’s membership will be terminated.


All representative position terms shall run for the duration of the current Council term.

  1. When electing persons to such positions as Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary or any other position deemed to be needed for the proper functioning of the PAAP, members will follow the normal processes of calling for nominations and seconders, and then proceed to a vote if there are more nominations than vacancies.
  2. The term of the Chair and Deputy Chair will be one year from the first meeting, unless the member elected to that office resigns from the position in writing to the PAAP.
  3. A proposition that receives a majority of votes (whether by vote or score based) from the members present (or scores from assessments submitted prior to the meeting) shall be a decision of the PAAP. Commissions will be assessed, with a period of time of deliberation to gain consensus from the PAAP.
  4. Generally, voting connected with the election of a person to an office of the PAAP will be by show of hands or by ballot.
  5. Each member of the PAAP has one vote on each question to be decided, except where the member has a conflict of interest.


The office of an elected, appointed or representative member of the PAAP shall become vacant:

  1. If he/she resigns his/her membership by notice in writing to the PAAP.
  2. If he/she is absent for more than three (3) consecutive meetings without prior leave of the PAAP.
  3. If he/she commits any breach of these Terms of Reference.
  4. If the PAAP is dissolved by the Council.
  5. If the position is used for any pecuniary interest of the individual.
  6. On the end of term of the Council.


  • The Public Art Advisory Panel meets monthly at the City of Wagga Wagga.
  • On occasions, PAAP is required to meet additionally for assessments.
  • Positions on the Panel are honorary and no fees are paid.
  • Minutes of the meeting are prepared by the City of Wagga Wagga staff.


The quorum required for a meeting to commence will be 50% of current members. A meeting will be rescheduled if there is no quorum present within ten minutes of the scheduled commencement of the meeting.

(1)    Pecuniary Interests/Conflicts of Interest.

(a)      The first item on the agenda of all PAAP meetings, other than that held annually for election of the Chairperson (after apologies/requests for leave of absence) shall be the declaring of pecuniary interests/conflicts of interest.

(b)      A member of the PAAP shall not at meetings of the PAAP vote on, or take part in the discussion of, any matter in which that person or any relation of that person, has, personally or by their immediate family, any pecuniary interest. Such interest shall be declared to the meeting at the earliest opportunity, and any member declaring any such interest shall refrain from any discussion of or voting on the matter.

(c)      In declaring the nature of a pecuniary or conflict of interest at a meeting, the member, adviser, staff member or delegate must ensure that:

  • The details are sufficient to enable other PAAP members to appreciate in general terms the connection of the person with this matter under consideration.
  • The disclosure does not reveal sensitive information which is not relevant to the matter before the PAAP.
  • The disclosure does not reveal information which may be unnecessarily damaging to the reputation of some person(s) with whom the person disclosing is associated.
  • The disclosure will not unnecessarily prejudice a sensitive commercial or legal situation.

(2) Disclosure to be Recorded.

A disclosure made at a meeting of the PAAP must be recorded in the Minutes of the meeting.


City of Wagga Wagga policy regarding conflict of interest will apply to all Public Art Advisory Panel members.  PAAP members are not permitted to directly or indirectly benefit from participation in the Public Art Advisory Panel during their tenure and for a period of twelve (12) months following the completion of their term. Members must act lawfully and with honour, integrity and professionalism.


The PAAP may be dissolved by a resolution of Council at any time.

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