Executive Team

Peter Thompson - General Manager

Governance Directorate

General Manager, Peter Thompson

Key responsibilities include Executive and Councillor Support; Audit, Risk and Governance; Marketing and Communications;  People and Culture; Riverina Regional Library, Town Planning (Development Assessment), Building Certification, Plumbing

Caroline Angel

Commercial Operations Directorate

Director Commercial Operations, Caroline Angel

Key responsibilities include Roads; Parks, Sewer, Stormwater, Engineering, Subdivisions, Asset Condition Assessment, Project Management, Council Businesses

Janice Summerhayes

Community Directorate

Director Community, Janice Summerhayes

Key responsibilities include Community Services; Cultural facilities and public programs; Events; Tourism / Visitor Economy; Environmental Services; City Compliance / Ranger Services

Natalie Te Pohe

Finance Directorate

Director Finance, Natalie Te Pohe

Key responsibilities include Financial Services; Procurement; Property Management, Corporate Planning, Strategic Land Use Planning, Economic Development, City Strategy; Information Technology; Corporate Systems; Customer Service