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About the City of Wagga Wagga

The City of Wagga Wagga serves more than 63,000 residents with an annual budget of $110M.

The organisation manages more than $1.47 billion in assets, including a 2300km road network, Wagga Wagga Airport, Livestock Marketing Centre and the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre.

Council also provides important community facilities such as Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Wagga Wagga City Library, Museum of the Riverina and Civic Theatre, as well as maintaining countless parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities to ensure Wagga maintains its reputation as “the City of Good Sports”.

Alan Eldridge
Alan Eldridge - General Manager
  • A well-respected local businessman, Mr Eldridge took on the role of General Manager on a short-term contract in October 2015 before being appointed to the position in April 2016
  • Mr Eldridge was the Chair of Council’s Audit and Risk Committee from 2009 until October 2015 and has a background in managing large organisations
  • He has been involved with the local government amalgamation process mainly in Queensland and is a special administrator appointed by the Federal Government to assist organisations that require senior management experience

Key Areas

Audit, Risk, Governance; Marketing and Communications; Executive and Councillor Support; People and Culture; Riverina Regional Library

Caroline Angel
Caroline Angel – Commercial Operations Sector Manager
  • Completed studies in the area of Business and Management and Leadership Program through Mt Eliza Business School, University of Melbourne
  • Extensive experience in Federal and State Government Departments as well as the private sector within the areas of project management and Diplomatic Services
  • Has held senior positions within Australia and overseas

Key Areas

Roads; Parks, Sewer, Stormwater, Engineering, Project Management

Janice Summerhayes
Janice Summerhayes – Community Sector Manager
  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Charles Sturt University
  • Held positions across State Government, community-based organisations and 20 years’ experience in Local Government

Key Areas

Community Services; Cultural facilities and public programs; Events; Visitor Economy; Environment; City Compliance

Natalie Te Pohe
NatalieTe Pohe – Chief Financial Officer
  • Holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of South Australia and has completed the CPA Program
  • Has held positions in Western Australian Councils, the Queensland Mining Industry and the South Australian Government

Key Areas

Finance; Procurement; Corporate Planning, Land Use Planning, City Strategy; Information Systems Customer Service

Pauk Sommerville
Paul Somerville – Commercial Development Sector Manager
  • Holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Melbourne University and an MBA from Monash University
  • Has held positions in Victorian councils and large multinational companies

Key Areas

Town Planning, Building Certification, Plumbing, Council Businesses