In-Home Care

Wagga Wagga Regional Family Day Care (WWRFDC) provides in-home child care to support families who are unable to access existing services to meet the needs of their family and where care and education is provided in the child's home by a registered educator. Care is monitored and supported by WWRFDC to ensure quality outcomes for children.

Who can use In-Home Care?

In-home care enables parents or guardians to access care and education when other child care services are unable to meet their needs, e.g.

  • A parent or both parents work outside business hours such as shift workers and roster workers
  • Families with a parent/guardian or child with a disability or illness may be eligible to access this type of care
  • Families who live in rural and remote areas where distance/isolation prevents them from accessing child care services
  • Families or parent with three or more children who have not yet commenced school
  • Families referred by other approved services (e.g. Department of Community Services, Area Health or by a General Practitioner)
  • Families who are using more than two child care services to meet their child care needs or where established child care services in the area are unable to provide hours of care required.

If you are interested in using In Home Care please contact the Co-ordination Unit to discuss your requirements and eligibility.