The Jackdaw Film Series: The Golden Age of Ozploitation

Saturday 21 July, 7pm - 11.30pm | The Jackdaw pop-up cinema, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

When: Saturday 21 July
Time: 7pm - 11.30pm
Where: The Jackdaw pop-up cinema, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Cost: Free event - limited seats, bookings essential

The Jackdaw Film Series is back, and thrilled to present The Golden Age of Ozploitation! Buckle up and settle in for an evening of celluloid sleaze as we present Not Quite Hollywood, Mark Hartley’s rollicking wild story of Australian exploitation cinema of the 70’s and 80’s, followed by George Miller’s original dystopian game changer Mad Max.

Once again we’ll transform our Gallery into an amazing lounge-style ‘Cinémathèque’ – featuring massive Dolby digital surround sound for an authentic big screen experience, with full bar service and refreshments available. Doors open at 7pm with Not Quite Hollywood screening at 7.30pmthen after an intermission stay up late for Mad Max at 9.45pm.

Seats are limited for this free exclusive event – so book now – and we’ll see you on the road skags!

Not Quite Hollywood (2008) 

As Australian cinema broke through to international audiences in the 1970s through respected art house films like Peter Weir's "Picnic At Hanging Rock," a new underground of low-budget exploitation filmmakers were turning out considerably less highbrow fare.

Documentary filmmaker Mark Hartley explores this unbridled era of sex and violence, complete with clips from some of the scene's most outrageous flicks – from  sex comedies and car chase films, to hardcore horror and kung fu. Not Quite Hollywood is a fitting tribute, moving at a non-stop pace and full of hilarious interviews with the renegade filmmakers themselves.

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Mad Max (1979) 

Welcome to a future world where maniac gangs of bikers from hell rule the roads! Trying to stop these marauding loons are the overstretched police force in souped up pursuit cars. Front and centre is Max Rockatansky, a good honest cop trying to hold his own against the chaotic world that is forming around him. After his best friend is burned and left for dead, he decides enough is enough – but on vacation with his wife and child things go very, very bad and Max becomes an avenging force of fury with devastating effects.

Mad Max is the original dystopian action film of the 70s, the first in a series that launched some great sequels and a long list of imitators. This highly acclaimed crazy ‘collide-o-scope’ of highway mayhem defined the cinematic post-apocalyptic landscape. Featuring eye-popping and electrifying stunts and an authentically nihilistic spirit, this unforgettable low-budget classic from director George Miller is pure cinematic poetry.

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Please note that as this film incurs an ‘R’ rating no one under the age of 18 will be permitted entry